The Museum of School of Dentistry is currently being renewed.(date undecided)

In 1989, the dental exhibition room was opened in Faculty of Dentistry, TMDU on the initiative of Prof. MIURA Fujio.Since 1983, many historical materials of dentistry have been collected with the cooperation of many persons concerned. Prof. OGURA Hideaki, Prof. MOTOYAMA Sataro and many other collaborators had been actively involved in this undertaking. In 2003, at the 15th anniversary of its foundation, Prof. ETO Kazuhiro planned to enlarge this exhibition room as the dental museum available to everyone who is interested in dentistry. For this purpose, its collections were rearranged under the leadership of Prof. HASEGAWA Shigeo. He spent about one year in adding new storage and display cases and putting the stored materials in order. At last, the project was completed in 2005. This year, in 2020, the entire renovation was carried out for the first time in 15 years, thanks to the efforts of everyone including the Administrative Division of the Faculty of Dentistry. The stored collections include a lot of historically valuable and interesting inheritances, such as a unique wooden dowel crown in existence, from which we can catch a glimpse of the historical transition of dentistry. We are grateful for your kind cooperation to improve the dental museum.

Wooden Dowel Crown

MOTOYAMA Sataro Collection

(YOKOYAMA Denzo II or III 1780-1868)

The only existing wooden dowel crown in the world. The tooth crown was made of boxwood and the dowel was made of deutzia (plant). This dowel crown was maintained by the cubical expansion of wood by water absorption.

Bijin Juyo



Colored Woodblock Prints