Course for Oral Health Engineering

Course for Oral Health Engineering

Message from Tetsuya Suzuki, Chief Professor of Course for Oral Health Engineering

鈴木 哲也

TMDU Oral Health Engineering Course is one of two four-year programs available for dental technician education in Japan. The combination of a fruitful curriculum and modern facilities has enabled the creation of a new academic discipline we call “Oral Health Engineering”. We are able to provide the best educational environment for students by implementing digital dentistry; installing the latest CAD/CAD systems, such as 3D scanners, 3D printers, milling machines and providing a CAD computer for each student to learn. We aim to train dental technicians with a broad knowledge base as well as skilled dental technique who can play active roles in many aspects of oral engineering. We also provide overseas experiences to students in their 2nd year. After graduation various career paths are open to our students. Many find jobs in companies related to medical and dental care, large dental laboratories or university hospitals. As well as a substantial number of students who continue their education and enter graduate school.


Course for Oral Health Engineering was established in 2011, as the second Japanese university to offer a four-year program for future dental technicians. The mission of this course is to cultivate dental professionals capable of combining advanced engineering, science and technology to improve oral health and aesthetics. We anticipate that our graduates will become professionals who support and promote health, wellbeing and quality of life, and while exhibiting an international outlook. We strive to nurture future leaders who have rich and warm humanity, contributing to society by assisting people to realize healthy happy lives, based on the knowledge and technology of oral health care sciences and welfare.
The first-year students study mainly liberal arts and sciences. Starting from the second year students begin to learn the basic subjects such as Sciences of Oral Biomaterials, and gradually start to focus on more specific subjects such as complete denture, partial denture, fixed prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthetics, and CAD/CAM system technology. During the fourth year, the students engage in research for their Graduation Theses and fabricate Graduation Products, as well as prostheses and appliances for patients visiting the TMDU Dental Hospital. TMDU has been chosen as Top Global University, Type A, the group of universities that provide education and research at a global level. Thus, we also give our students the opportunity to learn presentation skills in English and to participate in an overseas training program held in Taiwan.
After the course, our graduates will not only fabricate appliances and prostheses, but will also have broader medical and dental knowledge and techniques to work together with other medical and dental team members. They will also be able to develop new CAD software and have a potential of becoming global leaders in the field of oral health sciences.

Curriculum of Course for Oral Health Engineering

Introduction of Oral Health Engineering

Small-group discussions are held in the problem-based learning style.

Globalization for Oral Health Engineering

Complete Denture Prosthodontics

Fixed Prosthodontics

Maxillofacial Prosthetics

CAD/CAM System Technology Practice

Graduation Research

International Exchange Program (Course for Oral Health Engineering)

This unique International Exchange Program to Taiwan is held in late fall of their second year. This program includes visits to Taipei Medical University and some dental laboratories in Taiwan. The second-year students have the opportunity to give presentations in English concerning Japanese culture, oral engineering and dental care in Japan, and give a short overview of TMDU. They prepare these presentations with the help of faculty who are native English speakers, in a portion of the 'Globalization to Oral Health Engineering Practice' class. They also compete with students of Taipei Medical University in a Carving Contest.

TMDU is part of the Top Global University Project, with the concept of cultivating human resources to promote TMDU-type global health . This project provides undergraduate students with short-term scholarships and opportunities to visit overseas affiliated institutions, which means one in five students in TMDU can have an overseas study experience before graduation. In our course, all students can gain such an experience through this International Exchange Program to Taiwan, since 2015.

International Exchange Program Schedule


Travel to Taipei, Taiwan


●Visit Taipei Medical University   
●Visit Taiwanese dental laboratories


●English presentation about Japan, oral engineering and dental care in Japan, and TMDU overview  
●Carving Contest at Taipei Medical University


Visit Taiwanese dental laboratories


Return to Japan

Number of students who gained overseas experience

Graduating Class
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Year 2012-2013 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Country Taiwan, Korea Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan
Class size (# students) 14 14 11 17 13 14
Students who go overseas 13 11 10 17 13 14
Experience rate (%) 93 79 91 100 100 100

The 6th International Exchange Program: Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.(21 to 25th, Nov. 2017)

The 5th International Exchange Program: Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.(22 to 25th, Nov. 2016)

The 4th International Exchange Program: Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.(24 to 28th, Nov.2015)

The 3rd International Exchange Program: Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.(11 to 15th, Nov.2014)

The 2nd International Exchange Program: Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.(25 to 29th, Nov. 2013)

The International Exchange Program: Korean University, South Korea.(12 to 15th, Nov.2013)

The 1st International Exchange Program: Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.(18 to 22th, Nov. 2012)

Study Abroad Programs (Course for Oral Health Engineering)

To cultivate professionals with sensitivity and international awareness, TMDU offers Undergraduate Overseas Studying Awards to excellent undergraduate students who wish to participate in overseas training. Using this awards program, a selected student is given an opportunity to study at an overseas university for 2-4 weeks.

Many students have visited the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden, which has a three-year program for dental technicians.

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Student year 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd
Year/Month 2014/3 2015/3 2016/3 2016/9-10 2017/9
Duration 1 month 1 month 2 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
University University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy (Sweden)

International Exchange Program from Other Countries

Every March, students and faculty from the School of Dental Technology, Faculty of Dentistry, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, visit TMDU through the International Exchange Program. During their stay, they participate in our lectures and practices, plus we also organize a carving contest and farewell party at the end of their stay.

In addition, during summer vacation, students from Taipei Medical University can join our course to conduct research; for example in 2015, two students came to study oral biomaterials.

International Program from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. (October 2017 to August 2018)

The 5th International Exchange Program from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. (27th, Feb. to 1st Mar. 2017)

The 4th International Exchange Program from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. (29th, Feb. to 2nd Mar. 2016)

Research Program from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. (July 2015)

The 3rd International Exchange Program from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. (2nd to 4th Mar. 2015)

The 2nd International Exchange Program from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. (3rd to 5th Mar. 2014)

The 1st International Exchange Program from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. (27th, Feb to 1st Mar. 2013)


Graduation Research has been presented at conferences, such as the Japanese Congress of Dental Technology, the International Congress of Dental Technology, and the annual session of the Stomatological Society. Technical Contests for students from schools for dental technicians in Japan has been held at the Japanese Congress of Dental Technology. Two students were selected in the carving contests competition from our course. Students' Technical Contests also have been held at the International Congress of Dental Technology.

Technical Contests at 5th International Congress of Dental Technology (Daejeon, Korea, 2013)

Working as an Oral Health Engineer

Upon graduation students will be granted with Bachelor's Degrees.
Through this course students become qualified to take the Japanese National Examination for Dental Technicians.

Workplace (fields)

  • ・ Dental laboratory
  • ・ Laboratory at dental clinics
  • ・ Dental laboratory at hospitals
  • ・ Companies or corporations manufacturing and/or selling dental materials, equipment, and/or instruments
  • ・ Companies or corporations (others)
  • ・ Research institutions/Graduate school (Masters / Doctoral)
  • ・ Education (Schools of dental technology)

Careers after graduation

  2015.4 1st cohort 2016.4 2nd 2017.4 3rd
Graduate schools 2 3 2
Other schools (Dentistry) 1 1 0
Dental corporations 2 3 1
Corporations (others) 0 3 2
Government/Incorporated Foundations 1 0 1
Dental laboratory at Hospitals 1 0 0
Dental laboratories (others) 6 4 2
Laboratory at dental clinics 1 0 2
Total 14 14 10

Departments and Faculty

Lectures and practices for Oral Health Engineering students are mainly held by faculty from three departments; departments related to oral health engineering in the track of Medical and Dental Sciences and Technology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, which was established for Masters Degree education in April 2015.

Basic Oral
Health Engineering
Kazuhiro AOKI
Associate Professor
Meiko OKI
Assistant Professor

Department of Basic Oral Health Engineering is a section of oral health care sciences that focuses on the basic oral health sciences to perform evidence-based oral health care and to support people to attain healthy and happy living.

Oral Biomaterials
Senior Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Department of Oral Biomaterials Development Engineering is providing education regarding oral material sciences and prosthetic procedures, as well as the evaluation and development of new dental materials and devices.

Oral Prosthetic
Tetsuya SUZUKI
Senior Assistant Professor
Masaomi IKEDA
Assistant Professor

Department of Oral Prosthetic Engineering is one of the dental sciences that works toward restoration and maintenance of oral function, form and health for partially and/or completely edentulous patients.

Course Schedule